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The following is a list of the significant changes in Sweet P 1.1 from version 1.0.

New Features:

  • New button type -- Menu Keys. When you create a Menu Key button, you choose a key and a combination of modifier keys. When you click the button on Sweet P's palette, the modifier/key combination is sent to Mailsmith, just as though the keys were pressed on the keyboard. This enables you to use Sweet P buttons to perform actions that aren't scriptable in Mailsmith, such as Reply, Forward, and Redirect -- or any other command available in one of Mailsmith's menus.
  • Label buttons are dramatically faster. If you tried the Label buttons in version 1.0 but found them too slow to be useful, I encourage you to try them now. The effect is nearly instantaneous.


  • New buttons are now added at the current row selection, rather than at the bottom of the listbox.
  • The list heading in the Preferences window now counts "items" rather than "buttons", since spacers are included in the count.
  • "Windoid Appearance" tab changed to simpler "Appearance"
  • Added nominal wait before activating Mailsmith, to allow very fast machines (G4s?) to catch up.
  • When adding a new Script button, the standard file dialog to select the script is now opened automatically.

Bug Fixes:

  • Bug fixed in which spacers couldn't be added after having cancelled a previous new button dialog.
  • Sweet P no longer crashes if its prefs file is locked. (There is still no good reason to lock the prefs file, however.)
  • Fixed bug in which a crash would occur if a Script button could not find its associated AppleScript file (for example, if the file had been deleted.)
  • Numerous minor glitches were fixed, polished, or hidden.

Copyright © 2001 by John Gruber