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July 30, 2000 -- The version 1.1 source code is now available. My original hope in opening the source to Sweet P was that other RB developers could learn from it, especially the Apple event routines that communicate with Mailsmith. The reality is, however, that I'd be much better served creating a genuine tutorial/example project demonstrating the technique.

Sweet P was developed using Real Software's REALbasic. Source code is therefore in the form of a REALbasic project file, along with assorted resource files. Sweet P 1.1 was compiled with REALbasic version 2.1a17; therefore, the project file will not open in older versions of the RB IDE.

I tend to use a liberal amount of comments throughout my code, but for the most part, you're on your own.

If you're an RB developer, feel free to use code from Sweet P in your own projects.

If you have ideas for working on Sweet P itself, you should consider contacting me first, to avoid duplicating effort. RB's project file format is not conducive to using CVS, so coordination among multiple developers needs to be handled manually.

Download the Sweet P 1.1 source code (stuffit 5 format, 43K)

Copyright © 2001 by John Gruber