Motor Trend
August 1960

Compacts With Go-Packs

"Money is a secondary consideration for the lucky owners of these cars. If they wanted economy, they would have left their compact, six-cylinder engines alone!"
[mt cover aug 1960]
[engine stuff]   [falcon w/merc v8]
Bill Stroppe shoehorning a V8 into a 1960 fordor sedan. Spring housings and firewall brackets reshaped. Floor tunnel enlarged to fit Cruise-O-Matic. 1959 3.10 rear axle. "Except for stiffer coil springs in front, both the suspension and braking systems are stock, ample for extra load." Falcon equipped with Mercury 312 V8 and Cruise-O-Matic transmission. Owner William Clay. Details photos on left.
[merc 312 engine] [supercharged i-6]
Merc 312 V8, bored .060" over stock, displaces 320 cubic inches. Compression raised to 10 to 1, four barrel carb added. Street cam by Racer Brown.

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Ford inline 6 equipped with Paxton supercharger(#SN-60). Unit delivered 10 pounds of boost and retailed for $299.50. It reportedly cut 0-60 times by "six to eight" seconds and quarter mile times by 3 seconds.

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