Ford Times October 1961

This issue of Ford Times rolls out the 1962 Falcon models. The text is not reproduced here, but each model is explained. Rancheros and Sedan Deliveries are curiously absent, but the Club Wagon receives attention. The first three section pages would make great posters.

I found this issue at a flea market for $1. Aside from some yellowing due to age, the issue is nearly mint. The booklet is 5"x7".

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. front cover
northeast   Visit the Northeast, inside front cover.
Shows a blue Falcon Futura.
atlantic coast   Visit the Atlantic Coast, page 26.
Shows a Falcon Squire wagon.
northwest   Visit the Northwest, page 32.
Shows a Falcon Deluxe Club Wagon.
tailgate   Tail Gate Sports Luncheon, page 45.
Shows tailgate of Falcon wagon.
futura seats   Futura bucket seats, page 27.
Caption reads: "Futura has individual front seats."
romance   Fordor sedan, page 28.
Caption reads: "Young people take to Falcon the way they take to romance."
fordor   Falcon -- Economy and Fun (introduces the new 1962 models), page 25.
Caption reads: "The Falcon DeLuxe Fordor Sedan -- a blend of roominess and economy."
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