1966 Deluxe Falcon Club Wagon
Love at First Sight
My latest project is a 1966 Deluxe Falcon Club Wagon. I have a personal affinity for these vans, even though I readily admit that they are ugly.

I have been searching for an Econoline or Falcon Club Wagon for about a year now, but with no serious intentions of buying one until at least next year. When a "for sale" sign appeared in the window of this particular van, located only 9 blocks from my apartment, I had to take a look.

Sparing all the details, I agreed to buy the van after seeing it and thinking about it overnight.

  [lil' van]
[van side]   These photos were taken the first day the van was moved to my street. I didn't even own it yet, but was given a key so that I could start cleaning it.

It was filthy. The previous owner admitted that he never once washed the van in the five years that he owned it.

I removed the rear and passenger seat and the floor mats to begin scrubbing. The van seemed to generate dirt from every crevice.

Things look good from far away. As I cleaned, I began to notice things that slipped by me before.

Stay tuned in the future as I add more photos and info about this uncommon van. The next set of pictures will start to reveal some of the ugly truths.

It will become my daily driver and is currently up on jack stands undergoing a brake overhaul and suspension check.

My neighbors think I'm crazy.
[van rear]  
[van rear 2]  
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